How To Spice Up Your Relationship

Relationships always have a kick start with thrilling love and giddy feelings. You feel ecstatic about being with someone new and you each fancy exploring one another. A certain spark is ignited between you and your partner. You both love seeing each other all the time and really hope for a great future with plans of joyfully spending the rest of your lives together. You tend to notice the littlest of their details: their eye color, the golden brown mole on their right cheek, their different types of laughter and all that good stuff. You fall in love with it every time you’re around them. The newly found love makes you adore everything about your partner and they seem perfect for you.

Unfortunately, things don’t always stay this way. Sadly, relationships turn slumpy after a while. All the craze you had for your partner gets lost with the passage of time. You get so used to your partner that their presence in your life becomes super normal to you. So, the spark between both of you fades. There are some couples that are able to keep their relationships exciting and fun throughout. However, most relationships lose the spark that started it all and it’s mainly due to ignorance. You feel as if you’ve already got the person, so why keep trying? But, losing out on someone you love and breaking things off clearly isn’t a solution when the relationship gets out of that honeymoon phase. There are always ways to improvise and improve.

Express your love and be grateful

Usually when a relationship starts, couples don’t get tired of confessing their love to each other. But after awhile, it gets said less and becomes a thing of the past — maybe only said on “special” occasions. Of course, your partner knows that you love them and you too know that they love you; but confessing won’t hurt. It would reassure them and could make your bond stronger. Also, don’t refrain from expressing gratitude. I’m sure they would feel a lot happier and cherished (cue the love blush face).

Unplug from technology

If your partner wants to spend some quality time with you but you are glued to your smartphone, that’s a huge mood spoiler for them and quite reckless on your part. Take a tech break to spend some quality time with them. Sitting next to each other for interaction and being lost in your very own virtual world is a flashing red signal for your relationship. Your social media can wait! So, prioritize your partner and spend some quality time together. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll feel respected and important to you either!

Resolve the arguments at the moment

After every argument, it’s better to sort out and reconcile at the moment rather than not talking to each other for days, stressing over it and piling all those feelings up. Not fixing up things would only lead to furthermore problems. Likewise, you would occasionally throw your frustration in your partner’s face, wrecking their mood as well. Take a few minutes apart, write down your issues and talk about them. Whatever you do, don’t go to bed upset with each other!

Make a list of their cute quirks

This enables a person to focus on the positive aspects of their partner. It would also remind you of the reasons you chose one another. It’s going to be quite exhilarating when both of you remind each other of what has the other stuck. Plus, wouldn’t you love to hear what your partner loves about you?

Schedule dates

Many couples get too busy in their daily schedules that unlike the earlier times, they stop going on dates or spending time with their partner. You should go on dates frequently. This would enable you to spend some quality time and keep your partner updated about your life.If you both are busy bees then try to grab a cup of coffee together or spend some time in park. You two don’t have to spend money at all — just enjoy each others company.

Bonus: Check out some local free events in your city online!

Surprise with unexpected gifts

No! You don’t have to buy anything expensive. Love can be expressed by gifting a single rose or teeny handmade craft. The gift may be small but it’s the gesture which counts and it would of course make your partner smile.

Go out of your way for your partner

Efforts are always admired and appreciated. You may not be a great fan of a soccer match or that exhibition at an art gallery, but accompanying your partner would make them feel special and both of you would get to spend some time together. Take one for the team!

Indulge in PDA

Let’s face it, we all hate that couple that is doing way to much with their public displays of affection — but deep down inside, we all wish it was us. Holding your partner’s hand while going out together would make them feel secure and loved. A mini makeout session in the movie theater never hurt anyone either. Let your partner know that you’re not afraid to show the world that you love them.

Be old school and write letters to each other

You won’t realize the exhilaration of it until you pen one down. In this era of social media and tagging each other in couple posts, letters still haven’t lost their charm. Express your love for your partner in it. It would be quite exciting and you both would enjoy it.

Share your goals and dreams

Keep your partner updated about the significant decisions in your life. Share your dreams as well as goals with them. It would make them feel important and indulged rather than left out. Support your partner and their dreams even if you think that it’s quite arduous and next to impossible. Your support would boost their morale, enabling them to face their fears and deal competently with failures.

Give space to each other

Nobody likes a possessive partner who smothers. Even if you are head over heels for your partner, give them the space for hobbies, friendships, and life outside the relationship. To keep a relationship fresh and sensational, you need to experience things separately and then come together. So, give them some space to ablaze the spark in your relationship.

Listen more and argue less

All healthy and happy relationships are based upon this one ground rule. Firstly, listen patiently to your partner and then express yourself. Maybe your partner had a terrible day at work so, they’re cranky. Instead of feeding in to this frustration or anger, empathize with them and try to lighten their mood by being their shoulder to lean on. Also, if your partner is acting irrationally then pay attention and try to find reasons for such a behavior rather than attacking or judging them.

Relationships aren’t easy but they don’t have to crash and burn!

- Vanshika M.